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Jurgens New Zealand, Stockists of quality caravans for sale - Hamilton, NZ

Jurgens New Zealand are the sole agent for Jurgens Caravans in New Zealand

Jurgens Caravans have a heritage dating back to 1952. They produce light weight caravans ranging in sizes to suit large families to compact pop tops. All Jurgens caravans are big on features and light on weight for fuel efficient towing which makes towing more accessible for everyone.

Freedom camping has become popular in New Zealand as a chance for people to spend time discovering all of the hidden delights that New Zealand has to offer. Jurgens offer a recreational vehicle that is self contained. Jurgens use their unique Optima galavanised chassis which is engineered to withstand forces that are well beyond normal usage conditions. Their one piece Integra floor system is bolted and bonded to the chassis to add to its structural integrity. The Duratherm walls are smart and strong, they have high impact resistance, are hail resistant and have no internal plumbing or wiring. They also feature excellent thermal and accoustic insulation properties. The one piece Uniskin roof has no joints to leak and is tough enough to walk on.

Every Jurgens Caravan is designed for optimum "towability" and "liveability". It starts with smart engineering to deliver the greatest structural integrity at the lowest possible weight. Add industry leading components for outstanding handling characteristics. Then combine clever design to make the most of interior space and that produces an award winning formula.

Jurgens has a caravan that will suit everyone and includes the following ranges:

The Tooradin

The Jurgens Tooradin series is the flagship model in the Jurgens range. It has a 6.95 metre body length and is incredibly spacious. The Toordin is the epitome of luxury in a caravan. Every detail in the Tooradin is taken care of - luxurious leather furnishings, a spacious ensuite with flushing toilet and large full shower, washing machine and wine cooler in selected models. The reverse cycle air conditioning will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather outside is doing. And when you want to enjoy the outdoors the large roll out awning and optional slide out BBQ or outdoor kitchen will make your day.

The Narooma

The Jurgens Narooma caravan is the family van in the range, it is a full 6.95 metre caravan featuring a double or triple bunk set as well as a queen size bed. The separate bathroom and shower are a must for families. The Narooma also features a comprehensive kitchen equipped with premium appliances and plenty of bench space. Reverse cycle air conditioning combined with double glazed windows will keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature.

The Lunagazer

The Lunagazer series from Jurgens is a 6.33 metre caravan on a tandem axle and features a variety of floor plans with single beds or a full queen bed. For those people that love their creature comforts the Lunagazer features a full bathroom with toilet shower and large vanity. The dining area in this caravan is large and fit for a banquet and the well equipped kitchen has everything that you need to prepare it.

The Skygazer

The Skygazer series from Jurgens is 5.55 metres in body length and has a tare weight of under 1,500 kg so you will be surprised at the number of vehicles that can tow this caravan. With a selection of different floor plans including single beds, a euro convertor bed and a full queen size bed there is something to suit all. The full bathroom in the Skygazer is a must see for people looking at this sized caravan.

The Sungazer

The Sungazer caravans from Jurgens have a body length of 5.04 metres and a tare weight of only 1,330 kgs which makes it a towable option for most people. For a compact caravan the Sungazer is packed with features that are normally reserved for larger caravans only. There is a full kitchen with stove and grill, microwave, fridge freezer and hot and cold running water and good cupboard space including drawers. A large bathroom with full shower is also featured in the Sungazer caravan range.

The Jindabyne

The Jindabyne series of caravans from Jurgens are a pop top caravan that is perfect for those with limited storage space, the overall travel height of this vehicle is 2.26 metres without a roof hatch and under 2.4 metres with a roof hatch. The caravan has a body length of 5.5 metres and a tare weight of under 1,340 kg (non ensuite model). The space inside the Jindabyne is incredible and you will feel right at home from your first trip. The latest Jindabyne models even feature ensuite bathrooms.

The Wallaroo

The Wallaroo is a 4.5 metre pop top caravan that has a tare weight of only 1,200 kilograms and a travel height of 2.26 metres without a roof hatch. The Wallaroo finds the ideal balance quality featues, comfort and simplicity in a great value caravan.

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